Hi There and welcome to my Blog!

My name is Ashadiyah and I´m 18years old/young..

I was born in Saudi Arabia (Taif), but my step family moved with me very soon to Austria, I live with my Family in a small city near Vienna, there is a lot to say about me and my Life/Living etc and I will be posting bit by bit in the up coming posts..

Things I like are:

I love Music a lot,I love cooking and always love to try something new (will b posting some recipes in future)  I love Poem I used to write Poem in past, I Love Nature and Animals, i have 5 Dogs and 1 Cat , 3 of the Dogs are still babies 8week old! I love Sport is it running,exercise or just a walk out,there are too many thing  I like and love so just stated a few..

The purpose for starting this blog is to share  my life stories with you, you can find  Daily Thoughts, Dreams, Laughter and Tears, Family Life and Dramas which happened in my Life, and I hope this will inspire others to pipe in and share their own lessons/stories about their life..

If you Like let me know about Yourself ,I´m always Glad to meet new people in my Life!


              Life is full of blessing sometimes we are just to blind to see them..

                                            With Love From Ashadiyah…


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