Vacation/Relaxing time at a Resort in Austria…


I just back Yesterday from that Wonderful Resort called *Therme Loipersdorf”  as You can see in the Picture it is a Spa Resort, and a very big Place to enjoy,for Young and Old, you have there “Sauna,Different kind of Pools,Jacuzzi, Massage Rooms, and lots more…


I went there on 28th August with my Mum, Aunt and one of my Cousin, We stayed for 5 Days, so till 1st of September, First Day when we arrived there we just brought our Bags to Hotel room, than went to the Spa Resort, you can see in the Picture i posted it is so Big, and you have many different Place to enjoy there, my Mum were just amazed to see all the different kind of Pools, Jacuzzi and also the Restaurant, they had there Buffet and she Loves Food.. so when we just came there and she saw that all she already started loving that Place, my Cousin and Me were just so amazed of the big Water Slide they have there, and my Aunt She loves Massages and all kind of Relaxing stuff, so i guess everyone of us thought in that minute it was the right place where we choosed to stay for Vacation, because it had for everyone something which we liked, though when I took a walk there around and took some pictures for a Friend, I just wished that Person could be with me there too it would be a lot more Fun!


The next Days I spend there at the Pool, went cycling with my Cousin, spend some time at the Gym, took a walk around and lots of other things..


We all enjoyed a lot and it was a nice Chance to spend some Time with my Family, but still I always had just this one Person in my mind and just Wished he could enjoy that Place with me too, I realized a lot there which i sometimes forgot already, well not forgot but just not thought of it that much anymore a lot,  if you Love someone a lot it does not matter on which Place you are, and no matter how much nice that Place is you just can´t get them out of your mind, all you have in mind always is that one Person which mean most to you, and you Hope and Wish that someday you can spend atleast one Day with that Person on a Place like that… 


 So, Honestly that Vacation was with mixed Feelings, it was nice and we all enjoyed, but in some way it was a Pain too because if you Miss someone so much, you cant let it go and just have them always in your mind with your one Wish!! 



               Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you Love….

                                             With Love from Ashadiyah…


4 thoughts on “Vacation/Relaxing time at a Resort in Austria…

  1. Its true when you miss someone a lot no matter whatever best things you do in life you can’t let go easily, but you need to accept and rejoice the moment as much possible because when you don’t you get nothing.

    Great pictures indeed !

  2. The resort looks fabulous. I know exactly how you feel, I once went on a vacation (for work) to the Bahamas and all I could think about was a person that I missed terribly, so even though it was fun, it seemed like the person was still in the back of my mind, and could not stop thinking about him. This was when my husband and I first started dating…oh, the beginning of love is such a wonderful time of life!

    Enjoyed your first post, and look forward to reading many more. Please note that TimeThief on my blogroll, is an expert blogger, her blog is filled with everything you need to know to start a blog and technical help and the “how to” for new bloggers to I often refer to her site, for just about everything and for tips.


    • haha Yes the slides were just awesome ! 😀 and which i liked most there was just they had for everyone something as i said in my post for Young & Old, for fun and relaxing just everything it was a real great experience 🙂 thank you..

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