Whoever Said “Money Can’t Buy Happiness” Never Paid An Adoption Fees…

Ever since I got my first Pet, I have become so much more sensitive towards animals, I got my First Cat few years back, and loved her from first second..Her name is Niky, and she is such a Sweetheart, when I felt bad or had been sick, I used to bring her up to my room and took her to my Bed hugged her and sleeped with her, when I woke up and saw she is still beside me i felt a lot better!

Just around 10 week ago my neighbor came to our house asking if we would like to take her Dog, because she will be moving to a different City and wont have time for her Pet anymore, but she said that the Dog will get babies she is not sure how many it would be, than she said if we don´t take her she will give her to the “Animal Shelter” when I just heard that, I was praying that my Parents would allow to we take her, since my Mum loves Animal too she talked with my Dad, and just 2 Days later we could Welcome the Dog to our Home!

1Week passed and We saw the Dog mummy got lazy and was laying almost all the time, She just stood up for food than again sleeped, so we knew soon it will be time for her and the babies will come, I was so much excited and could not wait to see them!

Finally the Day arrived, and the mummy was hiding near my Room and did not wanted I go to far from her, now I knew it wont take long anymore and the First Baby will come, I was in my Room when suddenly my Dad called me to come and look, when I went out of my Room to see what happened I saw he held the first baby it was black and white, I couldn´t believe my Eyes how Cute the little Dog was, I can say it was like “Love at first sight” lol I was just so Amazed I never thought they would be so Tiny and Cute! I just could not wait if there will come more, and how they would Look! Some Hours passed and the next Baby came, It was totally Different as the first one, He was totally black and just had brown legs and a brown nose such a Cutie! The next one which came was a little Brown Bear, the biggest of all but it just looks like that because him Fur was like the Fur of a Bear lol I was just so amazed how Cute the 3 babies were, and just wanted to Hug them! 😀

Here a Picture of the New Born Babies!


Now some Week already passed and it was a up and down with them, I can say when I gone in the room, and saw I have to clean again, and what Mess they made, I sometimes get angry but I can never stay mad too long.. Just Seeing how they look at me makes me fall in Love with them over and over again! Each of them has hilarious antics and a unique personality, the White/Black one you can see in the Pic he is so smart and Interested in everything, the black one he is sometimes a bit mad and when he just hear a sound of another Dog out he start yelling lol, and my little Teddy Bear, he is shy and scared from everything when we go out, It is really Funny to watch them, I could watch them whole Day and wouldn´t get Bored of it!

They grown a lot already, but each Day they get more and more Cute! Here are some more pictures of my Babies..



                                  Animals are beautiful and smart creatures.

                 People who don’t own pets don’t know how much happiness

                                            they bring to people’s lives !                             

                                   With Love from Ashadiyah….


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