Best Moments in Life…


There a lot of moments which happen everyday to us, and sometimes we dont realize that these moments can mean someday the most to just let us learn to cherish them..

                                                     With Love from Ashadiyah….


3 thoughts on “Best Moments in Life…

  1. #6 is funny cause when you fall assleep while talking with that person, the person would be so angry and think that you are not giving him attention to what he is talking or maybe you felt bored that you fall assleep Haha

    My best moment : When I see my most loved one smiling !

  2. haha! well that´s true xD but I meant, if both fall asleep than it is nice! Because both were talking for long on phone.. like whole nigth! 😀

    That is a nice best moment! Good luck 🙂

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