You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something …(Winston Churchill)


In Life there will always be people which loves and hate you.. I always say the more people loves you the more Enemies you make (lol) ! I think everyone which success in something he automaticly make also enemies, it is because there will always be someone Jealous when you do something good and achieve your Goals, Enemies are good to have sometimes, because in the end they just made each of us stronger! But yes sometimes it made us upset when we see someone does not like us, than we either try to make them like us or we can just think is it really worth to put such a efford in someone which does not like us in first place? We could simply meet someone new, there are so many people in the World which we can meet and which will like us from start…So Let go of people who don’t like you…At the end of the day, you don’t need to be liked by everyone!

As I said most enemies actually hate you just because of Jealousy…Why?

Jealousy is usually found in a Person who is insecure and unsatisfied in Life..most People who are jealous of you, try to create Drama or talk down on you, Why? Because they are unhappy within themselves..They try to stir you up Problems, they try to compare theirselves to you and make it seems as if it´s a competition! Why should someone have so much hate and envious in their Heart towards another Person? It´s simply because of Jealousy! Don´t hate that Person because they are loved regardless and hateful words or opinions really don´t matter…In the end this just shows how much a person who really doesn´t like you, can spend so much time and effort thinking about you!


                          All you can really do is Pray for your Enemies…

                                                  With Love Ashadiyah….


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