Love? The best emotion god has given to us!

Mostly of us imagine that love is fairy tales, beauty product promises & a Shiny sweet Romance…But what if  things don’t stay sweet and Shiny forever (and they never do) we think something is terribly wrong. We feel bad, and we are broken..Honestly I’ve never met anyone whose life is unfolded like a fairy tale. Whose romance resolved all of their hardships. Who didn’t have to work HARD to master a challenge. I’ve never met anyone without a shadow. Nor anyone which latest cosmetics suddenly granted them with perfect, unshakable self-esteem. I’ve never met a couple whose relationship was suddenly and forever void of struggle because they exchanged little heart shaped candies that said BE MINE…Most people give up to easily on Love and take everything for grandet, when for real they should fight for their Love because in the End no one wants to be alone & Being ‘wanted’ is an incredible feeling, but Life moves in waves & tides…nothing can always stay beautiful like a fairy tale sometimes we need to fight in order to success even in Love!

Have you ever met anyone who knows exactly how to love you, what to say and when?

I’ve never seen that happen. With anyone. Ever. People need your guidance. They don’t just need you to say “do this & do that”.  Show them how to love you by loving yourself!!   Love is about embracing our wholeness. Our likes & dislikes, Love includes everything & everyone… Love is Pleasure & Pain, Birth & Death.Love isn’t about picking and choosing parts of ourselves to accept.Love is bigger than that. Way bigger. Love doesn’t discriminate, Love sees people, places & things just as they are. Love doesn’t take anything away…

Love is a feeling inside you, when you truly love someone you want to sacrifice everything just to bring a smile on him face, you cry when he gets annoyed and feel that the world around you is gonna crash, and you feel yourself the happiest person when he smiles and say I love you! Love is unconditional it’s when you’ll do anything for the person you are in Love with, it’s when you don’t go a day without thinking of them it’s a state of unselfishness, it’s when you feel complete and you’d never be happier with anyone else! When you love someone for once you can then never hate him, even if he goes away from you, you always wish him well and cherish those moments of tears and laughters you two shared together…Love is the best emotion god has given to us, even if it sometimes cause us Pain we should never give up on the Person we truly Love! 



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