What is meant to be will find its Way

           Hi everyone!


Sometime passed since I last time wrote in my Blog… Reason is: I have been bit busy lately & I just did not found anything to write, I was just so confused, many things in my mind, and it was always a up and down!


The last Days there always just came this question in my mind: Should I let him go & How do I let him go? 

There is that one Guy which I love more than anything, but the chances of beeing with him again are probably not Big..But no matter How hard I try to let him go I just can´t, I just feel in my heart, and soul it was not over… I was struggling to decide wether or not I should just let it be and give him space to realize we can work this out, or should I fight for him and make him see im ready to change… After spending so many thoughts about these the last Days, I realized that if you truly Love someone you can´t ever let them go, no matter what your mind tells you but what your Heart feels you can´t turn it off!!! 

I know every thing I have done was wrong… If only I can turn back the time when we were together, I probably would have been more showy with my feelings..I want to spend the rest of my life with him,I want to prove that i will never make him cry anymore because I realized how hard it is to lose him. There’s nothing more I can do now, but to have faith in God. I have learned my lesson after our break up… I hope that he will realized that someday and I hope he will come back. He is the one for me. I just keep believing that * What is meant to be will find its Way*..



                       a broken heart hurts, but its the memories that kill…

                                                       With Love Ashadiyah….


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